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Nettey Family

I want people to look back on the photos I take and immediately remember a small child's big personality or even how they crinkled their nose when they smiled. It's so easy to forget the little things! I want parents to look at a photo of their child and see them as they are, I want to hear that I captured who the child is. I hope to create photos that make the viewer feel something, and photos that tell a story.

I had such an amazing time photographing this family. It was nice to spend a little time with Annika, the youngest, in the beginning and get her used to me and my camera and she had no trouble at all showing me her room, toys and all of her shoes. During the hour I was there I could tell that this family is so loving and fun. They were smiling and laughing and just enjoying each other. I imagine their home is constantly filled with love and music.

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