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  • Amanda Dietschweiler

What to Wear

It’s hard to figure out what everyone will wear for a session, I know! Well, hey! I love to help with styling and I have some advice on what will photograph well. If you have a session happening with me, you can text me, message me and send me photos and I will be right there to help you all look your very best for your photos.

Some tips to get you started…

  • Don’t match everyone exactly in the same colors and patterns. If everyone is wearing white and khaki or everyone is wearing flannel it just looks silly! Coordinate outfits! Mix and match solids, patterns and colors. Don’t be afraid to have someone in stripes and another in plaid. Use your family’s personality to add flare to your wardrobe and have fun with it!

  • Add layers and accessories! Layers photograph so well, like adding a jacket or a vest to someone, or a collar shirt under a sweater. And adding the perfect floppy hat, statement necklace, or tie will just add a little something fun and extra to a session. Have fun with it and get creative!

  • Try to stay away from very bright/fluorescent colors, they often cause a color cast onto skin. Bold primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) look amazing in photographs… colors like Navy, Maroon and Mustard. Lighter shades are great to photograph too, like a baby blue, a light pink or cream colors. Add a variety of colors and patterns to your family. I love photographing green colors but if your session is outdoors with trees and grass as a background you may blend into it. So, try and be aware of the colors that will be around you during your shoot. Newborn family sessions are the time that I think everything should be kept very simple where everyone wears a mixture of light colors, white, gray and black.

  • Wear what makes you feel good! I absolutely love photographing a long flowy dress/skirt but if wearing a dress or skirt isn't for you, no problem! I’m all about the casual skinny jean and top. At the end of the day, if you feel good in what you are wearing, you are going to look amazing in your photographs.

  • Long hair is so beautiful to photograph! If you and your daughter have long beautiful hair, style it and leave in down, I promise you will not regret it. Don’t forget to have hubs and son style their hair too.

Of course, if you are stumped on wardrobe or need help picking something out for your session with me… I am available and so, so willing to help. I understand that life gets busy and if styling your family is something you just plain don't want to do, I can completely style your family for your upcoming photo session.

It’s important to me that you all look and feel great for your photos.



Amanda Jen Photography

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