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  • Amanda Dietschweiler

Creative Headshots

Every once in a while I ask my sister to sit with me in the studio so I can take some portraits. I need to do more of theses! I love taking the time to connect with women, mothers, and female business owners and creating beautiful images of them!

These types of portraits are important for 3 different reasons...

1. Moms: As moms we are often not found in a lot of photographs because we are usually the ones taking them! Your family will want photos of you. Get over any insecurities you have and get photos of yourself for your children. Your children don't notice what you find "flawed"... they just see their mom and they love you.

2. Women: You deserve to have photographs of yourself that make you feel beautiful. You could go big and get hair and make-up done for your session... bring a few outfits that you feel beautiful/powerful/confident in... have your photo session, then plan a night out with your friend or partner and look like a queen.

3. Business Owners: In this world where everything is powered by social media, sharing and creating content is important for your business. But take it to the next level... people want to see the person behind the business. Bring it with a different approach to headshots and share gorgeous images of yourself in your feed, share your story and your passion. Bring along products you sell or equipment you use in your service and lets create images that are perfect for you and your business.

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